Loving yourself can save the world.


Someone said to me the other day that Hiking My Feelings seems to be all about Sydney, and then followed up with "what I'm trying to build is more community-driven."

It made me think. It's not either/or. It's "yes, and."

Unless you're like me and like to go around the block to get next door, one must come before the other. If you can't be in community with yourself, if you can't show up for yourself, if you aren't comfortable being alone with your thoughts, good luck being in community. If you don't know who you are, what you bring to the table, and why you want what you want, you're not fully showing up.

Full stop. No arguments. That's the truth right there and that truth was hard for me to swallow.

When I realized how much resistance I had to that simple (but not easy) truth, I spent my 33rd year on this planet investigating EVERYTHING I believe, and WHY I believe it. I had spent decades being a chameleon trying to blend in. Trying to find the box I can fit into. I was seeking community to fill a void only I can fill:

Loving and understanding myself.

As I peeled each layer of the onion, unpacked my #traumapack more and more, I realized that THIS is exactly what life is about. It's about how I speak to myself when I am feeling defeated. It's how I celebrate my achievements. It's how I find peace within myself. It's making the choice to stop judging myself. It's making the choice to change.

Once we stop judging ourselves, we are much more compassionate with others. Which makes us better at being in (and creating) healthy communities. Because when we are comfortable with ourselves and can lead with love, not fear, we show up differently. Our communities can feel the shift. Folks get curious about what is possible, and start this process for themselves. That ripple effect knows no end. It is potent. And it can save the world.

Growth and change is scary. Walking alone with your thoughts and nothing to numb them is terrifying. But the moment you meet yourself and understand what you're capable of is one of the most beautiful moments we can experience as humans. We just gotta give ourselves the chance to get there.

If you want to help me celebrate my birthday today, I want one thing: tell a friend about Hiking My Feelings. 💚