Can you cure Type 2 Diabetes?


My Type 2 Diabetes is in remission and it's possible because I chose me. This disease won't manage itself. I can't cut it out of me. I have to choose myself and my health every day. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's exhausting. Ultimately, this disease is a result of my choices: past, present, and future.

It's taken a long time for me to be okay with that. Especially the past part. I am the one who puts food in my mouth. I am the one who decides if and how to move my body. I am the one who manages my stress. Nobody else can do those things for me. This disease is the ultimate test of my ability to understand, articulate, and prioritize my needs.

This disease is political, no matter how you slice it. 49% of US adults are pre-diabetic or living with Type 2 Diabetes. This is an epidemic. It's a crisis. And it's 100% preventable.

While it's true that my health is my responsibility, it's also true that there are a variety of systems and societal norms that make it difficult. Not everyone has access to fresh, whole foods. Not everyone has access to medical care. Not everyone has access to emotional support. Not everyone has access to outdoor spaces where healing is possible. Not everyone has time to prioritize their health, because we've all been sold a shit bill of goods:

We are told that on the other side of hard work is happiness, so we kill ourselves doing work that doesn't accommodate for living life RIGHT NOW.

We are told that on the other side of "get a hot body" is worthiness, so we kill ourselves trying to get smaller to meet some bullshit standard set by folks who want our money more than our wellness.

And we are told that the most important thing on this planet is to make money. Lots of it. We are all hoarders. Some of us have a house full of shit we can't let go of. Some of us hoard trauma and pass it down generation after generation, without doing the work. Some of us hoard green paper. We accumulate and consume and acquire and exploit each other, the land, and ourselves.

For what? A house? Nice clothes? A fancy car?

What about our health? What about our community?