Gratitude is a life saver.


"If you want to make friends here, you might want to tone down your enthusiasm."

This was said to me after I was gushing about how thankful I was to have the opportunity to eat lunch with a senior executive at the agency I was working at. I've shared this before. But, in addition to it dimming my shine a bit (as discussed in the last post where I referenced this story), it also affected how I approach gratitude.

In my mind after that exchange, gratitude = annoying. So I made a note to keep my gratitude to myself. Because I definitely didn't want to be annoying.

Now? Gratitude is how I get through everything. If you see a post here where I'm gushing about how grateful I am for something, that's usually me pulling myself out of self-doubt, self-loathing, or comparison-itis. It's not a mask, it's not me faking it, it's not the highlight reel. This is how we free ourselves of the bullshit we are conditioned to believe about ourselves, our communities, and the world at large.