The other half of HMF: Barry!


As we keep the #HikingMyFeelings birthday celebrations rolling, I want to tell you about Barry.

He is my adventure buddy for life, of course, and he's a HUGE part of what we do here at Hiking My Feelings. He taught me how to save my own life when he taught me how to skydive in 2010 and every single day, he shows all the way up.

We worked together in skydiving, and working together on building this movement around these tough conversations is one of the greatest gifts of my life. We are both excellent as individuals, and we are a force to be reckoned with when we are aligned on a vision.

Barry is a sturdy foundation. My rock. Patient. Kind. Hilarious. Wise. And devastatingly handsome.

He created the safe space for me to finally talk about the sexual assault I survived 13 years ago.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, he jumped in the deep end with me and supported me every step of the way.

When I knew I needed to make some dramatic career changes, including walking away from the salary that provided for our little family, he supported that choice.

When I left the agency for the startup and started having panic attacks every day, he held me as I wailed and shook in bed.

When I decided to leave the startup, no backup plan, he was my biggest cheerleader.

Last summer he left his job and we went all in on Hiking My Feelings.

Before I went on stage for my first talk, he wrote a note in my notebook: "I see you. I believe you. I love you. And they will too."

As far as HMF duties go, Barry shoots and edits all of the episodes for Williams in the Wild. He picks the hikes. He drives the van while I take calls, write, and get work done. He helps me determine what gets shared in the talks versus what gets saved for the book. On the days that I have a talk, he rolls over in the morning and asks me, "You ready to make a difference today?" Before the talk we write eachother love notes in a tiny notebook that I keep with my presentation materials. His love is the most potent I've ever known.

Barry, thank you. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for believing me, and believing IN me. Thank you for bringing your whole self to this relationship and to Hiking My Feelings. You are my favorite human and I'm so lucky to be in your orbit.