National Speaking Tour, here we go!


Tustin tonight. Hike tomorrow.

Burbank/Glendale next week.

Slow route through Utah to Colorado for April.

Bay Area in May-June.

Oregon in late June.

Washington in July.

Montana in August.

Chicago in September.

And still confirming more dates.

I keep saying to Barry, "OMG THIS IS HAPPENING" and last night, he looked at me and says, "it's been happening for almost a year now."

That thing about a year from now, you'll wish you started today?

I get it.

This is my dream life and it's reality and I'm so damn thankful for every experience - the dark and twisty times AND the unicorns and rainbow times - that paved the way for me to find myself. To find this calling. To feel this much purpose. To know, in my bones, why I'm here and what I should be doing with my time.

Every morning I take a deep breath and am thankful to be alive. To be healthy. To have enough. To be enough. To be sharing this experience with Barry, a man who has been the most patient partner for the last ALMOST NINE (!!!) years.

I've seen some shit. I've survived some shit. And the biggest shift was allowing myself to claim what I want to claim, and release what I want to release.

There are many ways to live a life, and right now, this is EXACTLY how I want to be living mine.