Looking ahead: What's next for Hiking My Feelings?

Photo by    Thomas Van Veen

This year, we've been traveling around the country, speaking for free at REI stores and anywhere else that we can get in front of people. This has been some of the most rewarding work I've ever done - being able to connect with you all on the road and on the trail has been a life-changing experience.

Later this year, my book will be available for purchase and we're in the middle of planning #booktour2020.

But what happens when we get done with the tours? Then what?


We have heard from folks all over the country that they'd love to find a place where they can come hike + heal with us in one central location. As much fun as it is to be on the road all the time, we are also looking forward to finding a place to put down some roots.

At our retreat center, folks will have various options for accommodations, depending on their desired level of comfort, and will call the space home for the duration of the program. We will have everything from tent camping + glamping, slots to park your van/RV, all the way up to individual tiny houses. The facility will be sustainable, and we will grow our own food + medicinal herbs. On-site, we will have traditional therapy options, a chef and nutritionist, energy healers, body healers, and a wealth of activities that promote mindfulness, wellness, and reflection.

How does this work? Individuals and corporations will make contributions for the individual and group programming they participate in (or to utilize the space for their own programs, events, productions), and those donations fund our scholarship programming for under-served and marginalized communities.

I mention in my talks that in the four years I was a skydiver, more than 15 of my friends died. I've been seeking a way to keep their memories alive, and evaluating all the intersections where my friends and family existed while they were here is what is informing our scholarship programming. In my plan for our first year in operation, we will have free programming available for members of the military (active duty and veterans), LGBTQIA+, survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, people of color and indigenous folks, folks who have received a terminal diagnosis, and diabetics as well as other folks living with chronic conditions. There are so many folks already steeped in these communities making a difference, and this is our chance to elevate and amplify the work they’re doing.

We want this kind of healing to be accessible to everyone, and now it can be.

I was extremely lucky that I had oodles of credit available to me after my time in Corporate America because I didn't save a dime when I was making big money - all I did was inflate my lifestyle with my salary.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes and my life was on the line, I was able to buy myself time to heal in this way. Now, the rest of my time on this planet will be spent ensuring that money is not a barrier to entry for anyone and everyone who wants to experience the healing power of the outdoors.

Nobody should have to pay big dollars or go into severe debt to be healthy.

This is how we redistribute wealth and access to healing.

This is how we start to create a world where trauma isn't taboo, but a common thread between all of us.

This is how we create the change we want to see - within ourselves, in our communities, and in the world at large.



In order for us to form a non-profit organization, we need to raise $3,000 for legal + filing fees. Once we have the funds, it's game-time and we can get to work on the next evolution of Hiking My Feelings. Also, once we have 501c3 status, we will be able to provide you with documentation that allows you to write off your contributions, yay!

Whether you can give a little or a lot - every bit helps us get one step closer to opening this retreat center and having a designated destination where folks can find healing and community.

If you're able to contribute, click one of the buttons below.

We sent out the call to action to our email list and Facebook group on Monday and on our first day, we raised $323. Can you help us reach $3,000?

UPDATE 8/15/19 - 9am MT: $523 of $3,000 raised!

UPDATE 8/15/19 - 9am MT: $523 of $3,000 raised!

Thank you for all of your support, fam. With your help, we can make this kind of healing available to many more people.

Barry and I are big believers in sharing our experience and we’ll be documenting the journey as we form the non-profit, start raising money, and build out the retreat center. We’re so thankful for your support!