Starting the day with a hot spring and ending up on these sandstone Cliffs yesterday, I'm really damn proud of myself.

Proud of turning a blog post into a hashtag into a single Instagram message into everything that Hiking My Feelings is today.

Proud of myself for establishing super firm boundaries.

Proud of myself for releasing what no longer serves me.

Proud of myself for aggressively managing Type 2 Diabetes to the point where it's in remission.

Proud of myself for treating my body well, so it can do the things I want it to do, at the speeds and altitudes and in all the places I want it to do said things.

Proud of myself for getting that job in Austin "just in case" Barry asked me if I wanted to come with him down to Texas for the winter in 2010 - the choice that allowed us to get here, to this vista, almost nine years later, TOGETHER.

Proud of myself for facing my deepest darkest secret, and choosing to share it with anyone who will listen so maybe someone else doesn't have to have their life derailed by trauma.

Proud of myself for quitting my fancy job to join a startup and then making the unpopular but deeply necessary choice to prioritize my health, first and foremost.

Proud of myself to saying yes to opportunities that don't pay money.

Proud of myself for trusting that what I have to offer will attract the right people and right resources.

Proud proud proud proud proud.