S2E14: Hiking My Feelings - What happens when nobody shows up to a talk?


S2E14: What happens when nobody shows up?

Join us this week as we roll into the Bay Area. Our first stop in northern California was in San Jose and the store itself and the crowd was incredible.

When we cruised into Fremont, California, we knew it was going to be a small crew. Only four people registered for that talk, and due to some changes in their email strategy, REI didn't promote any of the Bay Area talks. We waited to see if anyone would show up, and at 7:30 we called it. Fortunately for us, the taco shop on the other side of the parking lot (Rockin' Salsa) had $1 tacos on Thursdays and if anyone showed up for the talk, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy some of the best tacos we've had in our life!

We were stoked to hike with some local folks near San Jose, and in the first few minutes of the hike, one of the free-range cows wanted to join us. It was great to connect with a woman I met on the Diabetes subreddit, sharing stories about how we reduce our stress to better manage Type 2 Diabetes.

Later, we made our way to Monterey and hiked around the various stops on 17 Mile Drive, then stopped at the Garlic Shop to get some garlic ice cream!


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S2E15 Teaser: Happy birthday, Hiking My Feelings!

What a week! We rang in Hiking My Feelings 1st birthday, had a great crowd in Berkeley, hiked Mount Diablo, had a great talk in Mountain View, caught a Nattali Rize concert, another spectacular hike, and then back to the city to see the Grateful Dead house and eat some food.

We hear you, our audio has been ROUGH on Season 1 and up to this point at Season 2. We're stoked that we were able to upgrade our equipment, thanks in part to our generous Patreon community.

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