S2E18: Parking lot dance party with MC Hammer + Vanlife heat wave!


S2E18: Parking lot dance party with MC Hammer + vanlife heat wave!

Prior to this week, we've only paid for camping once, and that was in Moab and we paid because we couldn't NOT stay there - it was so gorgeous!

When temperatures were forecasted to be 100+ for the week we were in Folsom + Sacramento, we knew something had to give.

We started off the day at Armstrong Woods, then we took a little bit of an accidental detour, then when the campground was full (summer Saturdays, whoops!), we made our way to a casino north of Folsom to park for the night. Little did we know, we just rolled into their Summer Concert Series and we had a parking lot dance party with Blackstreet, En Vogue, and MC Hammer! What a weird day!

We were able to find a campsite at Folsom Lake for the rest of the 100+ days and time just dragged on when it was so hot out. For one full day, all we did was sit and rotate our chairs around a tree to stay in the shade because it was 107 degrees outside and 140+ inside the van. It was exhausting!

All we could do was sit in the shade, paddleboard, and try to stay alive. We knew we'd experience some warmer temperatures on the road, but this was RIDICULOUS. Our power windows stopped working in the van, I was cranky AF, and all I wanted was some AC in my life. We got to the Folsom REI store early to take advantage of their AC, and then we made our way to Sacramento for the final talk in California for this tour.


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S2E19: Hiking Satan's Cesspool + Sensi Trails + Hiking in the Desolation Wilderness + Lake Tahoe

Join us as we hike down to Satan's Cesspool on the American River, then scoot out to Lake Tahoe to catch our boys Sensi Trails LIVE in South Lake. We hiked to Cave Rock, Eagle Lake, and some general exploring around town. Absolutely gorgeous weather and beautiful hiking conditions. Thank you, Tahoe!

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