Binge-worthy: Season 2 of Williams in the Wild!


"What's it like being on the road full-time?"

Great question! We've been hard at work, cranking out videos, figuring out Patreon, and thinking about how we can share our adventures with you. Earlier this year, we released Season 1 of Williams in the Wild, your backstage pass to what it takes to build a movement from the ground up and all of our adventures along the way.

We're stoked to share that now we have 13 episodes of Season 2 ready for you to watch!

Starting next week, we'll be sharing links to the full episodes as we air them, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for a weekly dose of hiking, #vanlife, and general Sydney & Barry shenanigans.

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season 2 coming in hot!

S2E1: Embarking on a Road Trip around the US

Join us as we leave San Diego and head out on the road for the nation-wide speaking tour with REI. In this episode we share behind-the-scenes content from our first two stops on the national tour - Tustin and Burbank.

S2E2: Aliens, Hot Springs, and Zion National Park

Enroute to Colorado for the first talks outside of SoCal, we took the slow way to get there. After we saw my girl Michelle slay the audience with the Comedy Coven at El Cid, it was time to start making our way out of SoCal. Join us as we swing through Alien Fresh Jerky, trade slot machines for slot canyons, and make our way into our first National Park of the tour: Zion National Park!

S2E3: Exploring Zion National Park + Hiking Angels Landing

I didn't make it to the top of Angels Landing. I debated sharing about the hike and letting you draw your own conclusions, omitting the fact that I didn't get to the top and letting images fill in the blanks. I mean, if I'm going to start hiking at 4am, I am probably badass enough to finish the hike, right? Nope. I didn't.

S2E4: Chipmunks, Hiking, and Chasing Sunrises in Arches + Canyonlands

What do you do when a chipmunk hitches a ride to Arches and Canyonlands National Park? While we were exploring around our campsite in Moab, we left the door open to the van and apparently, a chipmunk came in to check the place out. We discovered this after he straight up launched himself at Sydney while Barry was driving out of the camp area and into the town of Moab, Utah. We spent the next two days chasing sunrises and devising a plan to get Thelonious the Chipmunk back to his home. Check it out!

S2E5: Exploring Denver, Comparing Hippies, and Preparing for a Bomb Cyclone

Well, when all of the places we planned to stop between Moab and Denver are snowed it, we keep going! We got to Denver a bit early and took some time to hang out, catch some sun, and compare Denver hippies to our fellow hippies in Ocean Beach (San Diego). We've unofficially decided there are freshwater hippies and saltwater hippies. Neither is better than the other, but there are some distinct differences. By appearance alone, you might not notice the difference, but energetically, it's very noticeable. Join us as we explore Denver before the Colorado tour starts!

S2E6: Denver-Area REI tour - Denver, Westminster, Greenwood Village

What a whirlwind week in and around Denver, Colorado! When we arrived in Denver, we enjoyed a few days of 80-ish degree temperatures. Within 24 hours, we got a bunch of snow in a mini bomb cyclone. This was the first week of the tour outside of California and it was so fun to meet folks from the area, share stories about the Trans-Catalina Trail, and demonstrate how hiking can help us heal. Stick around for our hike around Evergreen, Colorado - this was my first hike in the snow!

S2E7: Stick Figure Family Hike Around Red Rocks

When we found out that Stick Figure was headlining at Red Rocks Amphitheater, we were in. At the time, it was October, we hadn't even completed the first tour through LA, and we decided to buy tickets to the concert and plan a hike for our fellow reggae fans before the show. And thus, our Get Grounded concert series was born. Six months later, we made our way to the Red Rocks trail to host that hike, and it was one of the most special hikes we've been on. Between the show at Cervantes on Thursday night, the hike on Friday, and the headlining show on Saturday night, it was one of the best weekends we've had since we started this movement.

S2E8 - Exploring Red Rocks with Stick Figure + Pepper!

After our Stick Figure Family hike around Red Rocks Amphitheater, it was showtime! Join us as we explore around the park + venue before Stick Figure's headlining show on the Rocks and as we wander around Fort Collins before Pepper played at the Aggie Theater.

S2E9: Tea, Talks, and Walks in Boulder, Colorado

Our time in Boulder was some of the most impactful on the tour so far. The folks who joined us are truly incredible humans, the hike was amazing, and overall, we really enjoyed our time here. In this episode, we take you with us to the Celestial Seasonings factory, Boulder REI store, and the Boulder Mesa trail.

S2E10: Fort Collins, Colorado to Great Basin National Park

Here's the thing. For the most part, I'm constantly questioning what it means to be doing this work, and if I'm worthy of doing it. I generally doubt my abilities before I believe in myself. Even if the period of disbelief lasts just a second before my New Brain kicks in with the positive self-talk, doubt comes first 9/10 times. In Boulder, I realized that I've been playing for the wrong crowd for a hot minute, and I stopped chasing the wrong crowd. I started to find my people. Fort Collins was one of my most comfortable talks and it's also where I got my first complaint.

S2E11: UFOs + Hot Springs + Brothels in Nevada

Pretty sure we got abducted while we were in Great Basin National Park. We saw the brightest lights we've ever seen and after 16+ years as a skydiver, Barry knows what an airplane looks like. This was not an airplane. We've been to Joshua Tree NP a bunch of times and haven't seen skies this dark - apparently, Great Basin is where it's at to see the stars! In this episode, we're hot spring hunting in lieu of showers, and in doing so, we met some very interesting characters.

S2E12: Adventures in Yosemite National Park - Eagle Peak

On our way back to northern California from Colorado, we spent a week in Yosemite National Park. Our first hike was to Eagle Peak via Upper Yosemite Falls. As we came around a bend in the trail, we saw the first light washing over the valley floor, and heard what sounded like a freight train mixed with a thunderstorm. Come along as we do the most elevation gain we've ever conquered in a day - an average of 666 feet per mile! I may or may not get super fussy at the summit of this hike...

S2E13: Hiking My Feelings around Yosemite National Park

Join us as we spend some quality time in Yosemite National Park! Gorgeous views of the valley floor and waterfalls, shower beers at housekeeping camp, the Yosemite Valley Floor Loop (23+ miles), drinking from Fern Spring, and a thunderstorm in the van! I also rage-hiked around the valley floor for 10+ miles. More on that toward the end of the episode.


S2E14 Teaser: Take it easy, cow!

Hiking on open ranchland is an experience in and of itself. On our first hike in northern California, we found ourselves wandering through gorgeous forests and rolling hills, making a good pace to try to beat the rain. We thought we had accounted for everyone, but this cow wanted to join us for the hike, and he wanted to join us at ramming speed.

Tune in next week when we answer the question - "what happens when nobody shows up for a talk?"

Because that definitely happened in Fremont, California.

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