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Looking ahead: What's next for Hiking My Feelings?

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes and my life was on the line, I was able to buy myself time to heal in this way. Now, the rest of my time on this planet will be spent ensuring that money is not a barrier to entry for anyone and everyone who wants to experience the healing power of the outdoors. Nobody should have to pay big dollars or go into severe debt to be healthy.

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MONTANA: Glaciers, gratitude, and a standing ovation.

The tears I felt building and the feeling in my chest weren’t sadness or anxiety. These words didn’t have any power over me anymore. I had worked through the literal meaning in the months that followed my father telling me this. Between then and now, the part about nobody buying what I’m telling stung because I had been touring the country with REI for free, and it felt like my dad was right.

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