TALK 13 - Santa Rosa REI


TALK 13 - Santa Rosa REI: I met so many wonderful humans who had survived a ton of hard things in Santa Rosa. This was one of those nights where we are all sharing and all having lightbulb moments as the other people speak. Finding context for our lives through stories shared. I sat with a woman for awhile, hearing her share about her mother who had passed, how her family didn't understand her grief, and how she was adjusting.

One of the most beautiful things she said rocked me to my core: "After so much pain and trauma, it feels scary to make plans."

💡OMG YES. That is one of the reasons we are doing this tour, and I didn't even know it until she said it. After losing more than 15 friends in four years while I was a skydiver, I've been terrified to commit. I became intimately familiar with what the aftermath of a sudden death looks like, and I didn't want to make plans because I didn't want to have my heart broken again. This tour, committing to dates on the other side of the country without any real insight as to how we'll be able to afford to get over there, mixed with a ton of faith in what we're doing, is what drives this. Curiosity and a will to survive. Commitment to this work, and how I want to deliver it. I thought my path had to follow this model:

Try to build up enough social capital to get on the radar of publishers and literary agents, as everyone I spoke with who is already published said this is priority #1. Then get a book deal. Then do the speaking tour.

The opportunity to build this tour came first. This isn't the "traditional" way but let's be honest, I've never been very traditional.

Barry and I often joke that we are like a jam band, slinging t-shirts and good vibes and building a community around the work. Whether we're "playing" for one person or 50, every chance we have to connect with someone is worth the effort to get there.

This tour is possible because of people like you. If you've found value in the time we've spent together or the content we share, visit the Support page to learn more and join our movement. We hope to see you on the road or on the trail!