Talk 17 - Medford REI


I am a creature of habit, and I hate being late. We usually roll into the parking lot a couple hours early so I can chill out before sharing this story. Though this was talk 17 of the US Tour (23 overall since we started), I still need to carve out space for myself so I can get my head in the game. As I was setting up at the Medford REI, my host for the evening was chatting about what we're doing and where we're going.

We were talking about all the different stores we've spoken at, our upcoming dates, and how we are coordinating with each market, versus with REI HQ. I was describing how I ask each coordinator I work with to introduce me to the coordinator in the neighboring markets, when she asked me "would you like me to introduce you?"


I was over the moon. I gushed about how many people we've been able to meet, how wonderful it is to be able to see different parts of the country and hike in every town we stop in, just completely oozing gratitude all over this woman.

People started to arrive and she stood up to introduce me to the room. I did the talk in the presence of one of my oldest, dearest friends Brandi, the first woman who came into my life after the assault. It was emotional and powerful and like every talk, helped me heal and helped the audience see their trauma from a new perspective.

When we got done, I handed her a card so she had my contact info. "Thank you so much for hosting us, here's my card. Any introductions you could facilitate would be amazing." She looked kind of confused, thanked me for being there, and took the card.
When I was recounting this story later to one of my mentors, I was visibly excited about the prospect of an introduction to someone at HQ.

Then Barry chimed in. "Hey babe, I think she meant like, introduce you at the beginning of the talk. Not to HQ." I thought back to the confused look on her face. OMG THIS WOMAN IS A SAINT. She sat there and listened to me babble and vomit gratitude when all she wanted to know was how to introduce me to the class.

No wonder she looked confused when I gave her my card. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣