TALK 7 - Fort Collins, Colorado


This store didn't have a marker like the other ones so I made my own. 😂

Here's the thing. For the most part, I'm constantly questioning what it means to be doing this work, and if I'm worthy of doing it. I generally doubt my abilities before I believe in myself. Even if the period of disbelief lasts just a second before my New Brain kicks in with the positive self-talk, doubt comes first 9/10 times. And like I mentioned last week, I've been playing for the wrong crowd for a hot minute. In Boulder, I stopped chasing the wrong crowd. I started to find my people. 

The energy at the Fort Collins talk was attentive, engaged, folks allowing themselves to feel the feels.

This talk was hands down the most comfortable I've felt. The shift in my confidence giving this talk began after the talk in Boulder. The granddaughter of a woman who came to the Denver talk/hike sat down in the van and told me that what I'm doing is important because it gave her language for what happened to her.

Something clicked.

During the hike, she hiked next to me and asked if she could share how I had impacted her life in the three days since she saw me speak. I listened. Because we were hiking, I couldn't really distract myself to half-hear it. I listened. No filter. Just absorbed the words. Didn't deflect. Said "thank you for sharing" and launched into another story about what it feels like to have someone pull you aside and share the impact that they are making on your life in real-time. (PS it feels so good to hear!) 

And then last night when she asked if she could record the talk because she wants to have it for reference, I just about lost it. In a good way.

I had asked the universe for a sign that I was still on the right path with this tour. Between the talk in Boulder, the hike in Boulder, and the Fort Collins talk, I'll consider that a universal 2x4 to the head.

Instead of wondering how many people wouldn't believe me last night (#familywound), I wondered how many new friends I could meet.

Not surprisingly, my energy was calm and confident when I didn't assume I'd be judged.

Is it really that simple? I can just change my mind?