Unpacking Your Trauma Pack


After being my own hype man up one of the most difficult climbs on the Trans-Catalina Trail, I woke up the next day with a choice to make: do I want to take the hard way or the easy way to the last campground on the Trans-Catalina Trail? I learned on my first trek across this island that I can do hard things, so naturally, I chose the hard route. As soon as I did, a voice popped into my head.

"When shit gets hard, you run."

I decided to build on the exercise I had done the day before (see that here). This time, I took every negative thing that anyone had ever said to me or about me and broke it down:

1. Say it out loud. 
2. Release it. 
3. Hype myself back up.

In this clip, I share the list of things that I had internalized as my truth over the course of my life. These are things that were said to me by folks who were influential in my life (family, teachers, coaches, colleagues) and thus trusted without question, or things that I had heard enough times I assumed they must be true.

Turns out, most of these things are fears. And a lot of them are fears that are projected onto us by others.

Do you have a list that plays over and over in your head? Does it sound like your speaking voice? Does it sound like someone else's voice?

Can you start to separate yourself from the items on that list? More importantly, can you be courageous enough to face them and release them, allowing space for more healing and positivity in your life?