At Hiking My Feelings®, we hold the vision of a society where it is safe to talk about the trauma we’ve experienced, and where people from all walks of life feel empowered to experience the benefits of spending more time outdoors. Our community helps us make that vision a reality. We know that when there are spaces available for folks to share these stories and have these conversations, even if only with themselves, serious healing can occur. We are firm believers that when we have the courage to reclaim the parts of our story that keep us playing small and hiding, we can open the door to healing from our trauma and start to summit our personal mountains.

This work is possible because of people like you. If you have found meaning in the content we share or the time we spend together, would like to ensure that other people around the country will have the opportunity to hear this story, and you want to help us build our retreat center, we have several ways you can support the work. By joining our Patreon community, making a donation, purchasing some gear, or buying a print from our adventures, every action helps.

We appreciate your support, and with your help, we'll be able to help folks turn their pain into power and start to break open real conversations about how we've all been affected by trauma - and how the outdoors can help us heal.

Fueling a movement is a labor of love, and it costs money. We’re 100% community funded and we are proud of that fact. Over the past year, we’ve gotten really scrappy and we can make a dollar go a long way.

While we’re on the road sharing this message, every donation or purchase gets us closer to our next destination. To put the impact of your contribution into real-world context, here's some fun math:

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 8.07.05 AM.png

If you are interested in supporting the tour with financial contributions of more than $500, please email Sydney to request our 2020 Sponsorship Package and schedule some time to discuss collaboration and partnership options.



We are building this plane while we’re flying it, and we make weekly videos that document what it takes to build a movement. Williams in the Wild is your backstage pass to this entire journey: come along for Sydney’s speaking tour, our group hikes, and more! Learn about what it's like to live in a van full-time, and join us for all of the adventures along the way. Patreon is a crowdfunding subscription site - think Kickstarter meets BarkBox. Instead of sending you dog toys and snacks, we’re creating videos from our adventures. This platform empowers us to make money with the content we create, and empowers you to help fuel the movement!

Whether you can give a little or give a lot, we are deeply grateful for your support. When you’re ready to join the family, we have membership tiers ranging $1-$33 per month:

  • $1 - Foam Fingers: You’re #1, just like those foam fingers. Thank you for your support!

  • $3 - Camp Coffee: Fuel the movement and keep us caffeinated. You'll have first look at new episodes. 

  • $5 - Junior Ranger: You know how to prevent forest fires and you have a badge. Since you're always prepared, you'll get early access to the episodes and behind-the-scenes content.

  • $10 - Locals Only: You've got the locals-only inside scoop. Get early access to episodes + behind-the-scenes videos.

  • $20 - Trail Angel: You give because you can, and everyone loves you. Get early access to episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and your name in the description credits on every episode.

  • $33 - Pen Pals: Wish you were here! Receive early access to episodes, behind-the-scenes content, your name in the description credits, friends + family discounts on events, AND a postcard each month from our adventures.

Click the button below to learn more and join us today!


Pick up some Hiking My Feelings® gear to get you snazzed up on the trail (or on the couch). Whether you’re looking for a great moisture-wicking shirt to wear on backpacking trips, a new mug for your morning coffee, or a cozy hoodie for post-hike couch time - we have something for everyone. We have generic HMF designs as well as state-specific gear, and if you are a designer and want to collaborate on an item, we’ll share the profits with you!

Since we're in the van, we can't manage inventory, so we're use a company called Spreadshirt to create and ship our logo products. We have inquired about additional sizing beyond what is currently offered and we are hopeful that they will expand their size offerings. For now, most items are available in XS-2X, some items are available in 3x.


One of the perks of spending so much time on the road is the ability to see parts of the country that aren’t frequently traveled by the majority of the population, as well as the iconic National Parks and landscapes that photographers, painters, and inspired artists have been capturing for centuries. Live vicariously through our adventures and pick up a traditional print for the walls of your home or office, or select an image and check out the various products available to bring these inspirational images with you every day.


If you want to make an impact right here, right now, a donation is a great way to do so. Whether one-time or recurring, we appreciate the support. Thank you for helping us break open conversations around trauma and how the outdoors can help us heal.


If you’re a brand or organization and you’re looking to partner with Hiking My Feelings, click the button below to learn more about the services we offer. We are actively seeking strategic partnerships and we are excited to hear from you!