Did you know that 49% of US adults are pre-diabetic or living with Type 2 Diabetes? At Hiking My Feelings, we are sharing inspiration for folks living with pre- or Type 2 Diabetes, and we hold the vision of a society where it is safe to talk about the trauma we’ve experienced. We are creating a world where people from all walks of life feel empowered to experience the benefits of spending more time outdoors. Our community helps us make that vision a reality. We know that when there are spaces available for folks to share these stories and have these conversations, even if only with themselves, serious healing can occur. We are firm believers that when we have the courage to reclaim the parts of our story that keep us playing small and hiding, we can open the door to healing our minds and bodies and start to summit our personal mountains.

We are starting the conversation by sharing the stories of Sydney’s healing and Barry’s support, reflections from the road, and showing folks what is possible when we give ourselves permission to feel + heal. On the road for Sydney’s speaking engagements around the US, through the content we share online, and when we are on the trail with our new friends and chosen family, we aim to empower our audience to see their lives from a different perspective, and whenever they can, choose love over fear.


ON TOUR – The Hiking My Feelings Tour is a grassroots movement, creating space for tough conversations around mental + physical wellness and how the outdoors can help us heal. This gives us the opportunity to connect with our community in-person all over the United States.

ON TRAIL - Our trail time is two-fold and reaches two distinct outdoor audiences. After Sydney’s speaking engagements, we take it to the trail. While some of these folks are already comfortable spending time outside, most of our community is just getting started. We consistently engage folks who have heard about how spending time outside can help us heal, but aren’t sure where to start. We are uniquely positioned to help your brand engage with folks very early in their outdoor exploration, and who are ready to vote with their wallets. Between tour stops, we don our Trail Angel wings and pop in to the long-distance hiking trails to support thru-hikers on their journey across some of the most beautiful and rugged landscape this country has to offer. These folks are the ones really putting gear through the ringer - testing durability of equipment, wearing shoes down to the sole, and looking for creative ways to stay nourished on their trek.

ONLINE – We are experts at capturing attention with gorgeous visuals and breaking open tough conversations through the stories we share from our adventures. We cultivate an inclusive space for folks who are new to hiking, backpacking, and healing in the outdoors. Sydney has more than a decade of communications experience for Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands, and Barry has been an educator for nearly two decades.


Whether you’re seeking breathtaking photography, insightful copy, engaging video, or a combination of all three, Hiking My Feelings has the chops to put together custom content packages to fit your brand’s specific needs, and most importantly - communicate clearly with your intended audience. Here’s how we can work together:


In addition to the speaking engagements being hosted around the country, we offer speaking services and workshops for organizations of all kinds: corporations, non-profits, sports teams, universities + colleges, and more. Be sure to check our Events page to see when we’re coming to a town near you. We’d love to add a stop at your organization or co-create an event with you while we’re in town. We are traveling in a converted camper van and can come to you! Please select “Inspiration Invitation” on the form below to learn more about the workshops we offer and to discuss opportunities to inspire your audience via a fireside chat, keynote speech, panel, or an event we co-create together.


Whether it’s a speaking engagement, one of our group hikes, or our Trail Angel days between tour stops, we are connecting with outdoor enthusiasts in person all over the country. Providing access to your product for folks before, during, or after one of our outdoor events is a great way to generate awareness, facilitate in-person relationship building on behalf of your brand, and creates opportunities for us to capture creative content with folks who actually use the product.

NOTE: our audience includes folks living with pre-Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and folks who are passionate about exploring mental wellness. We pride ourselves on partnering with brands/products that empower our audience to consciously manage their health in mindful, nutritious, and delicious ways.


We excel in storytelling and education and with more than 30 years of combined experience, we offer a wide range of services that can be mixed and matched to fit your goals.

  • Visual Storytelling: Photography + Videography

  • Written Storytelling: Guest blog posts, copywriting, email marketing

  • Integrated Communications Strategy & Content

ONLINE: Sponsored Content

Sponsoring a post is a great way to organically showcase your product and connect with our community. Our sponsored posts appear on our website, are highlighted in our newsletter, and are fully promoted across our social channels (total reach 10k+ followers). Per FTC regulations, all sponsored content will contain a disclosure.


We’re better together! This is our preferred way of working with organizations that are aligned with our mission and values. We specialize in the co-creation of campaigns that move the needle on your goals. These kinds of partnerships include a wide variety of content that is designed to be shared with our audience as well as distributed across your channels.

A Note About Our Partnerships

Fueling a nationwide tour and movement requires a variety of resources. If you are serious about working with Hiking My Feelings, we are confident in our ability to find a way to collaborate on projects that work for budgets of all sizes.

We’re excited to hear your ideas, let’s do this!

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